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PATH To Academic Success

Why should we be concerned about children’s academic success?

Students matter. A great education matters. Students have one time through school to get a great education. A good education matters. A student’s education is not simply the opportunity to learn but should be intentional, focused learning based on hope, resiliency, self-advocacy, and accountability.

Washington RoundTable indicates:

High-Stake Statistics Greatly Affecting Washington State Well-Being

Summary: Washington Roundtable’s Washington KiDS 4 Washington JOBS 

    Approximately 80,700 Washington State students enter 9th grade each year:

        20,100 students drop out between 9th and 12th grade
        14,000 graduate from high school, but do not go on to post-secondary programs
        21,000 enroll in post-secondary programs, but do not finish before age 26
        Only 25,500 obtain some level of post-secondary credential

Currently, only 31% of students are expected to earn the post-secondary credentials by the age of 26 that they need for pathway and career positions.  (Roundtable/OSPI) 

Washington Roundtable’s Goal:  By 2030, 70% of Washington students will attain a postsecondary credential by the age of 26. These students are predicted to be ready for a “Pathway” or “Career” Jobs and will earn an extra $960,000 in earnings over their lifetime.


 Levels of Jobs:  Based on median income and upward mobility.

     Entry-Level Jobs:  $20-30,000 (150,000 jobs) These jobs build basic employment skills; ability to gain work experience and basics; 20% have post-secondary degrees.
     Pathway Jobs:  $30 – $45,000 (330,000 job openings) Many of these jobs require specific training or postsecondary credential; about 34% have attended college.
     Career Jobs:  $60-100,000+  (260,000 job openings) Requires higher level of skill typically with postsecondary degree, certification or credential; 90% will have credential.

 Jobs Available to Washington Students:
     Between 2017 and 2021, Washington Roundtable estimates 740,000 new job openings. This is nearly three times the projected national growth rate and better than Washington’s historical  average. At the present graduation rate only 1/3 of our students will have the skills to obtain CAREER and PATHWAY jobs. Employers will go out of Washington state to fill those positions.

 Benefits of increasing the number of students completing post-secondary learning for communities and state:

   36% reduction in unemployment
   48% reduction in poverty over time
   3.5 billion a year savings in spending on social programs