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PATH To Academic Success


Academic Link Outreach vision is that all students  (grades K-12) be more academically accountable, competitive and personally fulfilled as they progress through these crucial years. Middle school students MUST meet or exceed grade level standards to be high school ready as they enter ninth grade.



Academic Link Outreach (ALO) acts as a voice to educate the public about the need to provide beyond-the-school-day academic support for higher academic achievement of students. We develop and distribute community based, sustainable systems (programs and materials), based on research, to provide additional academic support. Our programs and materials focus on academics, building relationships, and the positive protective factors that enable students to meet or exceed state standards, graduate from high school, and be better prepared for the workforce or college.


The quality of one’s education directly impacts the individual’s economic independence; as well as the workforce development and economic competitiveness at both the state and national level.