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PATH to College Success Results

PATH students were held to very high standards and succeeded because of the support. PATH showed that every student can excel when held accountable for high achievement with support. The objective was simple: a GPA of 3.0 or higher, no D’s or F’s, pass a “College Knowledge” test, and be involved in at least two school or community activities (sports, volunteering, faith based, student government, etc.). Monthly Parent/Student meetings were held to develop a team effort and support the academic culture at the school.

Using Skyward, the on-line grading system, grades were monitored and documented for each pupil.  PATH worked with students to communicate with teachers and make plans for success. Academic success earned congratulatory notes and emails. Those needing added support corresponded through e-mail, exploring tips on best practices to achieve. Earning a D or an F resulted in a letter, a “to-do” list, or a phone call home to discuss roadblocks and how to best address them. PATH utilized a LEARNING LAB after school to academically support students not only with just homework but to have sustained educational success with the necessary skills. This can all be done through after school support.

Take a look at the 2013 “PATH to College Success” 9th Grade 2nd Semester Student Grades
(48 students for a total of 290 grades)

• 16 earned all A’s
• 3 more earned all A’s plus one other grade

• 176 out of the 290 grades were  A      61%
• 82 out of the 290 grades were  B      29%
• 26 out of  the 290 grades were C        9%
• 3 out of the 290 grades were  D        1%
• 0 out of the 290 grades were  F     0%