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Linking families, schools, and communities together for sustained educational success.


LEARNING LABS is an investment in all children’s future and our leaders of tomorrow. Four critical elements: parental involvement, continual monitoring, rewarding positive behavior, and communication/evaluation make LEARNING LABS a successful evidence based academic program preparing middle schoolers for the rigors of high school, post-secondary education, and the workforce.

LEARNING LABS is a proven educational assistance after-the-school-day program, facilitated at the school by support personnel and volunteers. Students are taught responsibility, accountability, and the direct relationship between their choices and academic success.

 STUDENT benefits:

  • Consistent academic support from after school until 6:00 pm Monday-Friday, 180 days
  • Development of necessary study skills to academically succeed in the future
  • Assistance with completion of all assignments, no D/F grades and pass state tests
  • Continual monitoring and mentoring for motivation and quality of work
  • Access to additional academic resources, technology and extra time to complete work and career exploration
  • Established high school and life survival skills of hope, resiliency and self-advocacy

PARENT benefits:

  • Proactive communication keeping parents involved in their child’s academic achievements
  • Positive/productive team relationship among child, teacher, and parent with focus on importance of academic success
  • Information provided empowers parents to advocate for their child’s education
  • Parents are reassured of the importance of academic success
  • Established clear and consistent goals for their child

SCHOOL benefits:

  • Students are accountable/responsible for their part in academic success
  • LEARNING LABS provides reinforcement that academic failure is not an option
  • Students strive toward higher educational expectations
  • Teachers have additional assistance in motivating students to excel

Academic Link Outreach will be implementing LEARNING LABS in several Snohomish County Middle Schools during the 2018-2019 school year beginning with the entering class in two districts.  It is our goal to work with teachers, counselors, parent liaisons, student advocates, and other support staff to provide the academic support necessary for student school success. Partnering with the schools, we will plan, implement, and evaluate the success of a LEARNING LABS program.

  • School and district relationships are secured and written formalization is being established.
  • Funding is being sought through partnerships with cities, county, businesses, and service organizations. The program will be funded for 2-3 years depending on years in middle school in the district.
  • Communication is being established with incoming middle school students and their parents during late spring, at the elementary feeder school.
  • Relationships with high schools, community colleges, and senior citizens are being developed to obtain 30 volunteers per school.
  • A detailed, comprehensive step-by-step LEARNING LABS manual will be completed as a guide.