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PATH To Academic Success

“Kids in Training to Excel”

From 2007-2010 KITE program was implemented at Whispering Pines, a large multi-family complex, In Lynnwood, WA. It was a homework center, tutoring and mentoring program provided to youth in grades 6-9 two days a week, outside of the school day. A teacher managed the KITE program with high school and adult volunteers tutoring/mentoring along with computer-based learning to facilitate academic support.

During the summer months, a three-days-a-week program was available focusing on learning school related study skills, practiced common score skills and concepts, and learned board game strategies. KITE was successful measured by attitude, attendance, and grades. Management at Whispering Pines stated that the atmosphere in the complex, changed as students were more studious, attentive to their behavior and polite. This program was in place for 3 years. Knowledge obtained from KITE was applied to develop the PATH To College Success Program.