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Today, students struggle in schools due to diverse learning styles. Not all students learn in the same way, or in the same amount of time. With many students facing challenging family and living situations, academic success is a constant challenge. Studying outside of school is an extremely important part of this challenge. It’s in middle school when students develop out-of-school study habits, and many do not have the guidance necessary to succeed or pass state tests.

Students in middle school must have added access to academic support beyond the traditional school day, to meet or exceed grade standards, and be ready for high school. That’s where we come in.

Our Campaign

We need your support to give us the Additional Resources to reach out, coordinate, deepen support materials, and spread the word to government officials, administrators, educators, parents and students about the change we are trying to make.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your donation is tax deductible!

What Additional Resources will allow us to achieve with your help…

To reach our 2016 ambitious and society-changing goal to collaborate with congress and impact thousands of young people, we require resources that enable us to:

  • Reach out to work with individual schools, and provide ongoing support and coordination
  • Develop richer support materials, including tool-kits, for participating schools
  • Show the next generation that we believe in them and want them to know that they matter. 


 The Program: LEARNING LAB

In January 2016, congress is considering legislation that can change this difficult situation for students. Help us make our new program, LEARNING LAB, a staple to the Washington State school system by supporting us in spreading the word about this forthcoming legislation. We need your support and help getting the word out and motivating people to call for change.

Learning Labs will provide a space within schools where students will learn accountability through:

  • Homework Completion
  • Classroom achievement monitoring
  • State test passage
  • Mentorship
  • Empowerment

Here are some further details the legislation itself calls for:

  • Schools will stay open until 6:00pm.
  • Labs will be run by on Lab Director and a team of volunteers
  • Strong involvement of parents and guardian
  • Monitor grades and state test scores
  • Recognizing student academic improvement and confidence

The Learning Lab program is based off of our highly successful PATH program. PATH proved just how essential it is for students to have an after school space for support. Just check out these charts, as well as testimonials further down the page:

What will really change things is integrating this process and these results into a school setting, and that’s the exact conception behind the Learning Lab program. The next step is the legislative process to make this a reality.

The Process: The Accountability, Responsibility and Academic Achievement Act

 It’s very important to us that this change is happening at a high level of government. We are taking the right steps to making this a sustainable and long-lasting program. Our act, The Accountability, Responsibility and Academic Achievement Act, calls for a pilot program to be implemented in as many schools as possible. This will demonstrate how valuable the program is, and why it needs to spread across the state as quickly as possible.

We see our process happening in 3 steps:

Step 1: Educating parents, teachers, and communities on the vision of how the academic culture should change and will change during the lead up to congress’ decision.

Step 2: The Act itself, being considered by congress January 2016. If passed, calls for a pilot program to be implemented in as many schools as possible, starting in Snohomish County. The pilot program will last one year.

Step 3: Spreading it to the entire state of Washington. This is our dream for 2020, and starting with your help, we can achieve it.


Even if you can’t donate:

Of course, not everyone can give money, but you can contribute in a meaningful way.


  • Post this URL to Facebook and get your friends involved.
  • Involve your school or business.
  • Email congress or your mayor.

Join us in your community to involve others to understand that we can make a difference in the lives of middle school students and prepare them for high school and beyond.

We don’t think kids learn and grow by being told what NOT to do. 

We inspire and motivate kids to see who they ARE, and what they CAN do.


To pay by check: Mail to: Academic Link Outreach
P.O Box 1292

Mukilteo, WA 98275

Help us give them the world!

Academic Link Outreach is the vehicle to change what is happening with students. We need financial support to build our capacity to provide sustainable and transportable academic support programs outside the school day. We also need help securing funding to raise awareness about the state of education in Washington. You can also become a mentor or tutor for an individual child or help plan a program in your community.

PATH to College Success was generously supported by College Spark Washington.

Our Supporters Include:

Academic Link, LLC:    
One-on-one tutoring center with individualized tutoring. Also provides educational options for students needing additional or alternative educational programs. Provides educational consultation on all educational issues.

Snohomish County Health and Safety Network

Edmonds School District

Fred Meyer     


United Way of Snohomish County

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Trust

3 Rivers Foundation

WorldVision Programs

Thank you!