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Linking Families, Schools, and Communities Together for Sustained Educational Success


Connected families perform better, live healthier lives, and students excel and outperform students without connected families.


Connected schools better serve their students and promote furthering education in a successful, and sustained way.


If we help the kids, we help the community. Healthy families and schools create healthy communities which provide a better lifestyle for everybody involved!

Academic Link Outreach

will not stop
until every student academically succeeds.

More About Us

The Secret of Success

Students establish short term goals and become proactive through ongoing documentation their grades. 5-7 trained volunteers foster an environment where students focus to complete all assignments. Volunteers teach needed skills to help students be self-motivated and competent. Students receive the individualized attention they need. Having extended hours not only provides students with equitable time to complete work; but it also, allows the parents the opportunity to speak with site personnel about their students’ academic progress.


Academic progress is monitored weekly by the LABS Director and the data used to help students make adjustments necessary to reach their goals


Students are provided state test prep materials to assist with test taking knowledge and skills and may also explore career and college readiness information


Students, teachers, parents, the LABS Director, and volunteers team up to make completion of work and meeting goals a reality.


The LABS Director maintains communication with teachers and parents to ensure that students attend needed sessions.